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Rental cranes

Sparrows Group offers a wide range of temporary cranes to meet the needs of the offshore energy industry.

By deploying our unique ‘leapfrog’ system they can be installed on a platform with no permanent crane. Delivery is supported with complete turnkey engineering and project management and each crane can be customised to meet specific requirements on floating and fixed installations.

We have the largest range of API 2C and CE marked cranes available for hire in the world, offering a range of features:

  • SWL from 4.5 tons, up to 125 tons
  • Boom lengths from 25 to 160ft
  • Build and commission times from two days
  • Maintained to API PR2D standards
  • Complete or partial zone rating as required
  • Cranes supplied with operators / mechanics where required
  • Tool room, including walk-in container options, to support maintenance available.

Why rent a Sparrows crane?

  • Suitable for a variety of applications and assets
  • Fast install (typically 2-5 days) due to modular structure
  • Lightweight and can be installed without the use of a permanent crane
  • Wide variety of lifting capacities
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Cost-effective solution compared to conventional lifting boat or barge options
  • We supply experienced installation crews and crane operators to assist with all stages of work.
  • 30+

    rental cranes in our fleet.

  • Customisation

    Our rental cranes can be customised to meet client needs (e.g. zone rating, safety systems, site specific foundations).

  • Installation

    Our rental cranes can be installed on any site where there is no existing lifting equipment by utilising our ‘leapfrog system’. They can be welded, clamped or mechanically fastened to any platform or installation.

  • Applications

    Our rental crane fleet supports a variety of applications including hydraulic work over and well services support, coil tubing lifts, brownfield modifications, major equipment upgrades, crane replacement projects, and as additional lifting capability where existing craneage is limited.

  • Engineering teams

    Our engineering teams provide rapid, efficient support for all our cranes and have the in-depth knowledge and expertise which only comes from years of experience in the field. Should any issues arise, our flying squads are on-call to solve them at very short notice, worldwide.


Rental cranes

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