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New-build cranes

We design and manufacture API 2C 8th edition licensed box boom and lattice boom design cranes with a lifting capacity ranging from 1.8 to 200Te.

Our crane designs have evolved from the original brands of American Aero, Titan Cranes and Energy Cranes, re-engineered to enhance performance and capacity. We also own the intellectual property for Houston Systems and Bucyrus Erie and continues to support these brands with fabrication, parts, service and engineering upgrades.

Our cranes are all based on a variety of standard proven designs which we make bespoke to your requirements through the high level of customisation we can offer. We make sure you get the right crane for the job.

Why buy a Sparrows crane?

  • Reliability
  • Ease of operation
  • Straightforward maintenance
  • High level of customisation available
  • Adaptable to different regional standards
  • Ability to integrate advanced technology.
  • 2,500+

    cranes manufactured for customers across the world.

  • Pedestal mounted

    Our cranes are designed for heavy lifts on fixed or floating platforms, FPSOs and semi-submersibles and come with a lattice or box boom.

  • Box booms

    Fitted with ram luffing booms of box steel construction and designed to handle heavy lifts at a close radius. The sealed construction of the boom helps avoid corrosion, making them suitable for use in harsh environments or for extended periods of rest.

  • Lattice booms

    Constructed with boom sections made up of lattice steel members that are attached with tubular chord bolt connections. Designed for lifts that require a larger radius.

  • Engineering teams

    Our engineering teams provide rapid, efficient support for all our cranes and have the in-depth knowledge and expertise which only comes from years of experience in the field. Should any issues arise, our flying squads are on-call to solve them at very short notice, worldwide.


Crane manufacturing

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