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Meet the Team - Pascal Gauffre, Sparrows Group Training and Technical Support for Cranes & Lifting in the Middle East

“I saw the opportunity to positively impact safety culture and have a direct impact on competency levels around the world.”

With over 15 years’ experience in heavy lift crane operations in shipbuilding and construction, Technical Instructor & Assessor, Pascal Gauffre, initially joined Sparrows Group in 2013 to gain offshore experience. He was soon given a dual-role working as LOLER competent person in charge of lifting operations and a stage 3 crane operator in the North Sea.

Pascal moved into training when an opportunity arose to travel to the Middle East and take on the challenge of developing new skills. He has since carried out lifting operations training and crane operator assessments around the world, in locations including UK, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Vietnam, Singapore and Kazakhstan.

Sparrows has a robust system in place for training new Instructors/Assessors to ensure quality and standards are maintained across different regions. In the early stages of his career in training, while maintaining industry standard key competencies, Pascal also completed an SVQ in workplace assessment. This, combined with mentorship and in-house train-the-trainer programme conducted by the most experienced Sparrows training staff, gave Pascal the skills and confidence needed to fulfil the role of and responsibilities of a Sparrows Instructor.

Now leading crane and lifting training and assessment programmes at the Sparrows Centre of Excellence at RelyOn Nutec Qatar, Pascal explains;

“All Sparrows training staff are experts in the subject they teach and have actively worked in the field for many years. The robust nature of the training and development process to become a member of the Sparrows training team ensures that courses and assessments conducted across the world are delivered to the same high standards. This is part of the reason that Sparrows’ certification is recognised as the ‘gold standard’ around the world.”

When asked about the value in training with Sparrows in partnership with RelyOn Nutec, Pascal replied:

“Industry regulations and standards are regularly being updated. Refresher training and assessments allow frontline staff to maintain competencies based on the most up-to-date industry standards. The courses delivered here at the Sparrows Centre of Excellence at RelyOn Nutec Qatar are of the highest standard.”

With subject matter experts delivering the training, and professionals in competence management handling certification, our clients have peace of mind that their employees in safety critical roles are fully trained and competent in their jobs.

Training in Qatar is available directly through RelyOn Nutec, to make a booking contact

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