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Wire rope inspection and spooling services (WRISS)

Innovative wire rope inspection and tensioning techniques provide an efficient solution when deck space and time is tight and you need a safe and controlled spooling method.



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Our customer required to increase the overall life of the wire ropes that are crucial to their operations and due to the diameter and length, 3 inch x 11,500 ft (76mm x 3,505m), proper means for inspection and tension were limited on-site.

Our specialists were tasked to inspect the wire rope on all four cranes to:

  • Ensure work was completed within an eight day timeframe
  • Establish baseline E-mag inspections of each wire rope (Internal and visual)
  • Reinstall each wire rope under 2%-3% minimum tension as per the wire rope manufacturer recommendations



Solution applied

  • We developed a system that used our 4-track 36 Te tensioner, a sub-frame with lead sheave assembly, a large reel system and a LMA 300 E-mag machine.
  • The large reel used allows collection of up to 13,000 ft (3,962 m) of 3 inch (76 mm) wire rope for the inspection and tensioning which suited the customer’s requirements.
  • We used the E-mag machine to perform a non-destructive inspection of the wire rope which looked for loss of metallic cross-sectional areas (LMA) such as external and internal corrosion, wear, changes to wire rope structure and localised flaws such as broken wires and corrosion pitting.
  • The comprehensive system applied proper back tension to the wire rope during re-installation, allowing our customer to improve their planned maintenance and their specific wire rope inspection and replacement criteria by allowing for on-site inspection.
  • The tensioner allowed us to apply a controlled tension while re-installing the wire rope. The sub-frame and lead sheaves enabled the system to act as support on the vessel decks and provided guidance for the wire rope from a zero degree (horizontal line pull) arrangement to 90 degrees (vertical line pull).



Summary of services/equipment deployed

  • LMA 300 E-mag machine and software
  • 36 Te tensioner
  • Lead sheave assembly & sub-frame for tensioner
  • 120 Ton spool reel system
  • Knuckle boom crane for level winding
  • Generator
  • Supply of inspection personnel




The solution applied by the Sparrows Group provides a number of benefits:

  • Knowledge about the internal and external condition of their ropes through advanced inspection techniques
  • Safe and accurate re-installation of wire rope with proper back tension as per manufacturer requirements
  • Confidence in project execution and delivery with complete on-site services
  • An efficient solution when space and turnaround time is tight





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